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This is the one-stop-shop for news, policies, actions and events related to intellectual disabilities coming from Inclusion Europe, our member organisations and the European Institutions.

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Inclusion Europe represents the voice of over 60 organisations for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families across Europe.


To learn more about our organisation, please go to our website: www.inclusion-europe.org

Inclusion Europe

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Tel. : +32-2-502 28 15  Fax :+32-2-502 80 10  
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Akim Israel's report shows Israelis accepting but not inclusive of intellectually disabled
03 Apr 2017 15:04

Inclusion Europe's member Akim Israel has presented a report on the attitudes towards persons with i [ ... ]

David Rodrigues awarded as "Distinguished International Leader 2017"
27 Mar 2017 12:35

One of the key speakers at "Europe in Action" 2016, Professor David Rodrigues (President of Pro-incl [ ... ]

Hire young people via the European Solidarity Corps!
14 Mar 2017 16:24

The European Solidarity Corps is a new European Union initiative which gives young people the chance [ ... ]

DOCTRID V Conference 27th-28th April 2017
30 Jan 2017 18:37

This year's DOCTRID V Conference will take place on 27-28 April at the University of Limerick, Ire [ ... ]

Luc Gateau is the new president of Unapei
15 Dec 2016 14:21

    There is an organisation in France called Unapei.
They are member of Inclusion  [ ... ]

Successful Policy Seminar on Supported Decision-Making in Portugal
27 Oct 2016 13:09

        Inclusion Europe and our member from Portugal
called Fen [ ... ]

Io, Cittadino! The Italian Self-Advocacy movement
12 Oct 2016 13:15

      Inclusion Europe member Anffas has made
a new self-advocacy grou [ ... ]

Life After Violence Project
07 Oct 2016 16:31

      Inclusion Europe has a new project called Life after Violence.  [ ... ]

SafeSurfing Project Success
28 Sep 2016 16:00

      Inclusion Europe and 4 of its members
created a project called S [ ... ]

Plena Inclusion’s Music project for Social Inclusion
31 Aug 2016 10:30

Inclusion Europe member, Plena Inclusion has joined up
with musi [ ... ]