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Unapei is an Inclusion Europe member from France.
Unapei works to make life better for people with intellectual disabilities.

Unapei wrote a paper for politicians.
They said that people with intellectual disabilities
should not live locked up in big institutions.
Instead, they should live independently, or with their families
inside the community. 


Inclusion Europe member Unapei has published a position paper on deinstitutionalisation, a process they believe is instrumental in allowing people with disabilities to gain or reclaim control over their lives. 

Unapei has identified several factors that could contribute to giving people with disabilities the power to act and to take meaningful decisions, and would support the deinstitutionalisation process, among which:

  • empowering the self-advocacy movement
  • supporting the strong voice of parents group, whose members have lived experience of supporting their children in mainstream environments
  • the critical thinking and new approaches that stem out of cooperation between different organisations of people with disabilities
  • the exchange of ideas between parents, caregivers, services providers and the people with intellectual disabilities themselves
  • network-building among the social, medical and educational sectors
  • a new concept for the functioning of organisations, stemming from the constrains if the current financial system
To read the position paper (in French), please click here.