The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency is an organization
based in Vienna.

They fight for the rights of all individuals no matter their race, gender,
religion or disability.


The Fundamental Rights Agency is looking for people able to help them
research about fundamental
rights in Sweden. The ones who will be
selected will contribute to the report that the Fundamental
Agency is going to publish.

The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) has issued a call for tender on data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues in Sweden.

The EU Fundamental Rights Agency has the task of raising awareness on fundamental rights, promoting gender equality and preventing discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

The aim of the present call is the procurement of services providing a good understanding of the situation at the national level of Sweden on a particular fundamental rights issue. The conclusions of these services will be used as a basis for an upcoming report FRA is producing. This call concerns exclusively services covering Sweden.

The agency, based in Vienna, will award 3 to 5 framework contracts of one year duration, renewable up to two times.

First, the agency will determine if tenderers have sufficient economic, financial, technical and professional capacity to perform the contract. Then, the tenderers’ assessment will be based upon the following criteria:

The list of all the necessary documents to submit a tender can be found here.

The closing date of the call for tender is September 30th 2015.