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  etr    Fratriha is an association from Belgium. It was created by two young
who both have a brother or sister with intellectual disabilities.

Their association serves as a support group for bothers and sisters
of people 
with intellectual disabilities, so they can talk about their feelings
and find support.

Fratriha organizes their first meeting on 10 October in Brussels. It is open
to everyone. For more details click here.

The recently founded Belgian association for siblings of people with intellectual disabilities, Fratriha, is organizing a kick-off meeting in Brussels on 10 October 2015.

Fratriha, supported by the Belgian association Inclusion asbl, is an initiative of two young friends, Elise and ElĂ©onore, who both have siblings with intellectual disabilities. They created the association in order to develop a space where siblings of people with intellectual disabilities can talk and find support.  Dedicated to serve as an information platform, Fratriha aims to organize monthly discussion groups, create a network of contacts and possible joint activities.

Having a child with disability in the family affects every family member, including siblings. Brothers and sisters of people with intellectual disabilities can sometimes feel guilty about their sibling. They can also feel pressured by the family rules or the responsibilities that are given to them. From time to time, the natural rivalry between brothers and sisters can lead to some jealousy of the extra attention a sibling with intellectual disability seems to receive.

Nowadays, people with intellectual disabilities are often outliving their parents. Their siblings feel like they will have to care for their brother or sister and, if they are not able to do so, they develop a feeling of culpability.

Siblings of people with intellectual disabilities sometimes have the impression that many support groups exist for their parents but not for them. Fratiha wishes to create a support group with no taboos, emphasizing tolerance, open-mindedness and respect, where brothers and sisters of persons with intellectual disabilities can express their feelings and discuss diverse moral and legal issues.

The kick-off meeting, open to everyone, will include a film projection and two workshops. It will take place in Brussels (exact location to be determined) on 10 October  from 1.30 pm.

For more information and the detailed schedule, please click here.
Registrations close on 26 September.