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Deutschlandfunk is a German radio.
They created a website called Nachrichtenleicht.
On this website, people with intellectual disabilities can find
 news written in Easy-to-read.

The news are in German.  
The website publishes news about different topics including politics,
economy, culture and sports.

You can find out more about Easy-to-Read on our website. 


The German radio Deutschlandfunk has created a website called Nachrichtenleicht providing Easy-to-Read news, accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.

No one should be excluded from information and people with intellectual disabilities have the right to access information that is easy to read and understand. They can now find the latest German national and international news related to politics, economy, culture or sports in a format accessible to them. Every Friday, Nachrichtenleicht publishes the most important news of the week in an Easy-to-Read format, while respecting professional journalistic standards.

An Easy-to-Read text is shorter than a standard text and its content is reduced to the bare essentials. It usually presents one information per sentence and each paragraph introduces one idea. In addition to the Easy-to-Read format, there is a glossary at the end of each article and an audio version of the text as well as podcasts.

To find out more about Easy-to-Read, you can visit our website.