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Inclusion Europe is part of The New Paths for Inclusion Network.

This project’s goal is to make sure people with intellectual disabilities 

are able to participate in the society like anyone else.

They organize several events at the beginning of November. 

The last conference of the project will take place on 4 November.

Then, on 5 November they organize a network day where everybody 

can meet and discuss ideas.

Finally, on 6 and 7 November, there will be a workshop to discuss ways 

to improve the participation of people with intellectual disabilities in 
the society. 

All the events will be in English and German.

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The New Paths for Inclusion Network is organizing a series of conferences and workshops in Vienna early November. Participate in discussions and dialogues and meet many activists and change-makers!

The New Paths for Inclusion Network aims to contribute to an inclusive society where every person has a chance to participate and is seen as a full and equal citizen, enjoying all human rights).

On 4 November, the New Paths for Inclusion Final Conference, the last conference of the project, will give project partners and interested participants the occasion to share their conclusions on  the best ways to make sure that support services respond to the individual needs of persons with disabilities and help them live included in the community.

November 5 has been designated as the Network Day, organized in collaboration with the German speaking Network on Person-centred Planning. Members and non-members of the German speaking Network will be able to meet, exchange ideas and network with different organizations.

The Large Group Workshop “Learning with Pathfinders and Their Partners” with Theory-U experts Beth Mount and John O’Brien will be held on 6 and 7 November. Participants will discuss ways to improve social inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities.

All the events will be held in English and German. You can find all the details and booking information of each event here.