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Eurocarers is the organisation of carers.

Carers can be people who take care of their family members or friends or
people who take care of others as a job.

Eurocarers created a website called Informcare to help and
support carers in Europe.

There, carers can find information about their rights and the services
they can find to help them.

They can also discuss with other carers and share their feelings
with people who understand what they are dealing with. 


Eurocarers, the European Association representing informal carers and their organizations, has just launched InformCare, the first European web platform for informal carers.

Today, Europe counts more than 100 million carers. About 80% of care is provided at home by family members or friends in Europe. Caring for a loved one can be stressful and, in many cases, the role of carers remains unrecognized by our society. Informal carers are experiencing psychological, physical, social and financial consequences of caring. This EU information hub offers them tools to communicate and exchange experience with other carers, while providing them with much-needed support.

InformCare provides carers and employers from 27 EU countries with information on care, support services as well as legal and financial information. In selected countries, this information is even provided in the national language. Carers can access a variety of interactive communication tools through a dedicated social network, along with a chat and a forum.

These tools allow carers to interact, share tips and feelings, look for ideas and suggestions, ask for help, support others or just have a chat with someone who also understand how they feel and what they are dealing with. Carers can get support from each other as well as from dedicated staff from other organizations in their country by publishing and commenting on posts of other carers or by sending questions to people able to advise them on their particular situation.

To find out more about InformCare, please click here.