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People with disabilities want to be included in the society.

The eLeSI training gives information to people with disabilities
and their families about inclusion in the society.

The courses explain what the obstacles are
for people with disabilities to be included in the society.

The eLeSI training is an online training.

It is open to everyone.

The eLeSI training is available here.


Many factors prevent people with disabilities from being included in the society, the eLeSI training aims to help people to learn about the causes that may impede social inclusion. This online training is open to everyone, and it is particularly interesting for teachers, family members, carers and practitioners working for persons with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum conditions, and mental health issues.

The eLeSI training provides a generic training module and three specialised modules. On the one hand, the generic module is for everyone, that is, for teachers, assistants, practitioners, trainers, families and people that are in contact with persons with disabilities. It provides information related to the difficulties persons with disabilities may have encountered in their lives. This module also helps them to identify what elements have helped them in their lives. In doing so, this module provides case studies on issues related to settings such as school, work, and leisure. On the other hand, the specialised modules focus on specific age groups that from birth to adulthood. Each module provides courses and information regarding the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in all areas of social life.

The eLeSI training was developed by three European universities from France, Belgium and the United Kingdom; two associations working with children and adults with different disabilities and their families from Romania and Benin and a partner association from Switzerland.

This initiative benefits from the support of the Education Sector of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

The eLeSI training helps not only persons with intellectual disabilities but also people who surround them. Through general and specific content, everyone can get information on the causes that prevent social inclusion.

The training is available on the e-learning platform of eLeSI in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Romanian.