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Inclusion International is looking for people to present
topics that are important to persons with intellectual
disabilities at their event.

The event is called “Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s
Opportunities: Coming Together to Improve the Lives
of People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families
Across the Globe”.

It takes place between 27-29 October, 2016 in Orlando,
Florida, USA.

You can choose what you would like to speak about.

You can share experiences and useful resources.

They want to know what matters most to you.

You can share your ideas here.


Inclusion International is interested in your contribution as part of their continuous bid advocating for persons with intellectual disabilities and promoting an inclusive agenda. In order to successfully monitor society’s progress toward complete integration and ensure the agenda accurately represents the voice of people with disabilities and their families it requires regular review.

With that in mind, Inclusion International in partnership with The Arc of the United States is hosting “Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunities: Coming Together to Improve the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families Across the Globe” on 27 – 29 October, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA. This event invites self-advocates, their families and other influential people to join together to learn from each other’s experiences and develop practices, tools and resources in order to help build a shared agenda for inclusion.

The conference will provide an opportunity for real knowledge about how to achieve inclusion in communities all over the world. Inclusion International will draw directly from the discussions in the sessions to identify key issues for global advocacy of substantial, sustainable change. The programme is devised with opportunities to discuss education, justice, employment, housing, political participation and more in order to better understand the changes that can be made to make our daily lives more inclusive.

A new strategic plan will be adopted during The Inclusion International 2016 General Assembly, which takes place on 26 October. The following day, the Global Self-Advocacy Symposium aims to launch a strategy linking self-advocacy groups with resources. Self-advocates and their allies are the leaders of this movement - their opinions cannot be underestimated in the discussion of decisions that will directly affect them.

Inclusion International wants to hear from all self-advocates and their families about the resources they have access to or want to share with others. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to influence and support the movement with your personal contribution and join the discussion on identifying key issues and opportunities for global change. You can submit your proposal here until 1 April 2016.

Registration for the event opens May 2016 here.

If you have any questions please contact Anna MacQuarrie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.