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Some words are difficult to understand.

Hurraki is a web page that explains words in Easy-to-Read
so everyone can understand.

Having information is important for people with intellectual disabilities
to learn new things and take part in society.

Everybody has the right to understand text.

No one should be excluded.

Everyone can describe words in Easy-to-Read
on this site by changing pages or adding new ones.

You can find out more about Easy-to-Read on our website.

Over time people will describe words in many languages too.

You can visit the Hurraki website here..

You can also download Hurraki on your phone.


In another step towards making Information Technology more accessible, Hep Hep Hurra has created an Easy-to-Read version of Wikipedia. Available in either App or Webpage form, Hurraki describes the meaning of words clearly and concisely helping people of all intellectual abilities to understand.

Hurraki uses pictures, synonyms and examples to communicate clearly the meaning of words. The purpose is to break down complicated written and spoken words because everyone has the right to understand information. It is also a useful tool for those wishing to learn a new language which creates an inclusive virtual space for people of mixed abilities to come together. Like Wikipedia, it relies on users contributions and corrections to build an ever expanding vocabulary database. By inviting anyone to join, the website encourages more people to learn to write in Easy-to-Read.

The App, which is also free to use, enables users to take the plain text language dictionary on the go, save articles and retrieve definitions offline. It is currently available in English and German with plans to be extended into many languages.

You can visit Hurraki here.