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   etr    There is a programme in Ireland
funding postdoctoral research.

Postdoctoral means Doctor of Philosophy (in short, PhD).
This is a very high level of study.
It involves a lot of research.
First you need a bachelor’s degree, and then a master’s degree
before you can work towards a PhD.

They are looking to fund projects about
how technology can help people
with intellectual disabilities and autism.

New types of technology can be used as a tool
to support people learn or work
so they can be more involved in society.

The research is funded by
the EU and the charity RESPECT.

ASSISTID is looking for experienced researchers to join their international multidisciplinary network and become an EU Marie Sklowdowska-Curie researcher in intellectual disability, autism and assistive technology (AT).

Assistive Technologies for people with Intellectual Disability and Autism (ASSISTID) is an EU Marie Curie research training programme co-funded by the EU and the charity RESPECT. They provide financial support to postdoctoral researchers examining how technology can support people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism in all areas of life. Their aim is to develop new assistive technologies (AT), which serve as a tool to support independent living and enable choice, making daily life more inclusive by making everyday tasks more accessible. RESPECT’s mission is to make people valued by their abilities rather than their disabilities.

Projects can focus on various topics, for example, AT relating to education, health, independent living, employment or research on AT assessment, development or new methods. Applicants from anywhere in the world and from a wide range of disciplines are welcome to apply. The DOCTRID Research Institute is distributed across the Republic of Ireland and universities in the UK and USA but incoming fellowship will be based in one of the 11 host institutions in Ireland for 2 years. For a competitive proposal you are encouraged to engage with the host institution as early as possible to discuss the proposed research project. You can learn more about the existing proposals here from appointed fellows here.

Throughout the training the DOCTRID Research Institute organises various training activities including an ASSISTID Training Week to showcase work and disseminate findings.

ASSISTID is a fantastic opportunity to utilise your research skills and better the existing services to help create an inclusive society and promote social justice whilst furthering your scientific career.

The final deadline for applications is 30th June 2016. Interviews are currently scheduled for early – mid September. You can read more about the criteria and application procedure here.