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Inclusion Europe member, Plena Inclusion has joined up
with music organisations for a new project.

The project aims to teach persons with intellectual disabilities
to create music.

It is a very big project with lots of people involved.

After many training sessions and workshops
the musicians perform their music to a live audience in concert.

Music makes people feel better and is a great way
to get people with all different abilities to work together
and feel included in something very special.


Inclusion Europe member Plena Inclusion, The Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras (AEOS) and the BBVA Foundation have come together for the Mosaic Sounds project with the belief that that music is a tool for personal development and social integration. The project aims to help people with intellectual disabilities discover their creative potential, assisting them to become composers and performers in a symphony orchestra.

The program will develop fourteen symphonies through numerous workshops. In total the project will include over two hundred musicians working closely with about 300 people with disabilities to perform a final concert for an audience of more than one thousand. The musical training has been devised with the assistance of music therapists, musicians, actors and musicians with disability experience, associations of persons with disabilities and experts in cultural mediation. Each orchestra will feature a new composition, from varied individuals and diverse workshops producing a truly unique mosaic of sounds.

The project also includes the recording of a documentary by director Angeles Muñiz. This work aims to portray accurately the creation process in all its phases: the working sessions, workshops, rehearsals and, of course, concerts.

"The Mosaic Sounds project contributes to building a society where people with intellectual disabilities and the music world come together to create environments of inclusion from art and human values… this project develops the musical intelligence in all of us, offering an alternative to traditional communication, cultivating pleasant states of mind and rekindling memories associated with sound. " - Juan Perez, Vice President of Plena Inclusion