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The United Nations is an international organisation.

They are based in New York, in the USA.

They work for peace and security everywhere in the world.


There is a text called United Nations Convention
on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
(in short, CRPD).


The text of the CRPD says

which rights people with disabilities should have.


Many countries in the world have said

that they want to follow this text.


One part of the CRPD text is called "Article 19".

It says several things about the rights of persons with disabilities.

They have the right to live independently

and be included in the community.

They have the right to choose where to live.


You can now read an Easy-to-Read version

of the latest draft of the General Comment on the "Article 19".



A General Comment is an explanation.

It explains what countries should do to follow the CRPD.



You can download the Easy-to-read version
of the General Comment here.