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EASPD is an organisation of service-providers for persons with disabilities.

Service-providers help people with disabilities.
For example:

  • They help them with housing

  • They give them training

They made a document to say that
people with disabilities needs different services
when living in communities.

They said that people with disabilities should have a chance
to live in communities.


EASPD logoThe European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) adopted a roadmap to guide service-providers in the implementation of policies which will favour transition from institutional to community-based care. In the document entitled ‘Making community-based services a reality - Roadmap on deinstitutionalisation’, the EASPD acknowledges the need for support services to move away from medical model of disability to the rights-based model.

The roadmap highlights the need for ‘a re-shaping of how services are provided, the development of new services not currently available to meet new and changing needs and/or the integration in the services of a person centred, inclusive, participative and individualised approach, adopting the new social rights model of disability’.

The document includes recommendations for European institutions, member states and EASPD members.

Among other things, the roadmap calls on EASPD members at local level to:

  • Ensure full participation of persons with disabilities in the shaping and the development of services

  • To build their services around the concepts of person person-centeredness and individualisation in order for them to be sensitive to the person’s needs and wishes.

  • To promote and support self-advocacy activities.

You can find the full text of the roadmap here.